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Red roses, symbol of lovers, emblem of Valentine's Day

By: :Cloohdet Perez Ibarra 0 comments
Red roses, symbol of lovers, emblem of Valentine's Day

We briefly tell you the story of Cupid and the origin of the bouquets of red roses, as a symbol of love.

As we all know, the symbols of Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day, are Cupid and red roses. But where does this come from?

Cupid (also called Love in Latin poetry) was, in Roman mythology, the god of amorous desire. According to the most widespread version, he was the son of Venus, the goddess of love, beauty and fertility, and Mars, the god of war. -His equivalent in Greek mythology is Eros-.

Cupid was in charge of bringing precious nectar to the other gods, to feed them. Mythology says that on one occasion, Cupid dropped a few drops of this liquid on the ground, and from there some beautiful flowers were born, with soft petals, a color as bright as blood, and a delicious perfume: red roses. For this reason, Cupid and the red rose are symbolically united forever.

All myths explain in a poetic and magical way the origin and meaning of things. And while it's clear that red roses weren't created by magical nectar, dropped by a Roman god; It is true that roses do have some magic: they are beautiful, delicate, soft and elegant. They have been, for centuries, a classic gift among lovers.

Its beautiful blood color, its exquisite aroma, the sensuality of its shape and the delicacy of its entire composition have made them a symbol of love.

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