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The charm of the lisianthus flower

By: :Cloohdet Perez Ibarra 0 comments
The charm of the lisianthus flower

They are available in white, very pale pink, pastel pink, lilac, violet, purple, yellow and blue. It doesn't matter what color you want them: they are always beautiful and soft, with a delicious aroma.

The lisianthus flower grows wild in the hot regions of the southern United States, in Mexico, the West Indies, and northern South America.

In Mexico it is cultivated by expert flower growers in Puebla and Chiapas, mainly.

Because of their beautiful petals with a silky touch, a wide variety of colors, long-lasting once cut, and because of their great beauty, which can be combined with other flowers, they are one of our favorites to make spectacular arrangements.

This flower is also known as eustoma, because its scientific name is Eustoma Grandiflorum. Eustoma comes from the Greek eu 'good, true, beautiful', and stoma 'mouth', in reference to the fact that the throat of its corolla tube is large.

The lisanthus express love, friendship, affection, the bond that is felt by another person. They are similar to roses: their petals also grow into a rosette. These flowers need indirect light, because the direct sun dries them.

Their cocoons do not open at the same time. They open little by little at different speeds; that is why its flowering is long and beautiful. In addition, the color of the buds changes as the flower opens: they all start out green and as time goes by, the color changes. It has a long duration, so it can accompany you for a long time.

Choose one of our lisanthus-based arrangements for a person you want to make very happy.

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